the changing operating environment

Complex drivers are changing your operating environment. China is consolidating land/sea borders creating potential flash-points; building strategic energy supply/market alliances using loans-for-infrastructure diplomacy; the middle class are buying greater volumes/types of certified-clean food; trade wars/Brexit uncertainty/credit availability undermine investment; IP/data theft/hacking of control systems compromise security; costs of ageing/lifestyle illness are increasing; climate extremes weaken agriculture/infrastructure/health systems; back-flips in energy/water/transport policy undermines investment. These factors are outside your control, yet they shape your operating environment. How do you reperceive this complex system and reposition for change?

robust decision making under uncertainty

Where issues are complex, uncertainty high and values contested, conventional top-down approaches to strategic directioning are no longer appropriate.  New conditions require new paradigms

Scenario planning enables systematic exploration of change in key global drivers and consideration of the likely ripple effects in the operating environment. It seeks to enhance understanding of system behavior and how it responds to change, enabling a reperception of reality, illumination of potential risk (opportunity), reconsideration of strategic direction and robust decision making under uncertainty. Transdisciplinarity adds to this robustness by incorporating the knowledge of key actors (business, government, disciplinary experts, stakeholders) in the collaborative framing of issues, priorities, goals and strategies. We adopt a transdisciplinary approach to scenario planning to help you prepare for significant change in your operating environment (Services).  

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