the changing global landscape

2016 saw unexpected change: Brexit, Duterte, Trump. 2017 sees China’s consolidation in the South China Sea; One Belt One Road; US/North Korean tensions; terror attacks in the UK, Europe. Other threats are more subtle: rising US debt; China’s banking system; trends in climate. These global drivers are outside your control, yet they impact your operating environment. How do you reperceive global change to prepare for potential risks (opportunities)?

robust decision making under uncertainty

Where issues are complex, uncertainty high and values contested, conventional top-down approaches to strategic directioning are no longer appropriate.  New conditions require new paradigms

Scenario planning enables exploration of multiple, parallel changes in key global drivers, and consideration of flow-on effects in the operating environment. This enhanced understanding of systemic behavior enables a reperception of reality, illumination of potential risk (opportunity), reconsideration of strategic direction and robust decision making under uncertainty. Transdisciplinarity adds to this robustness by incorporating the knowledge of key actors (business, government, disciplinary experts, stakeholders) in the collaborative framing of issues, priorities, goals and strategies. We adopt a transdisciplinary approach to scenario planning to help you prepare for significant change in your operating environment (Services).  

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