rainfall intensity and average temperature increase

As individuals, businesses and communities plan and prepare for increases in climatic extremes, readers may find a recent paper in Nature Geoscience interesting    http://www.seas.harvard.edu/climate/seminars/pdfs/Berg_NatureGeoscience_2013.pdf    The paper provides more information on early work by Lenderink (see refs) on observations that, as temperature rises, rainfall intensity within certain storm types can exceed theoretical expectations.  Underlying mechanisms are considered in Lenderink (2008).

For those involved in the planning and co-ordination of emergency preparedness, response and recovery – this adds a sense of urgency to the process.  It reinforces the observed science that, as average atmospheric temperature continues to increase, rainfall extremes will occur at an intensity which is beyond our prior experience.  This has important implications for our mindset – both individually and corporately.

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