Our aim is to assist leaders of Victorian business, government and NGO’s to develop the paradigms and skills required to prepare their organisation for the complexity and uncertainty of the next 5-15 years. 

Our philosophy is that where issues are complex, uncertainty is high and pluralism is widespread, collaborative engagement of disciplinary experts, government agencies, business and experienced on-ground stakeholders, in an environment of mutual learning and co-construction of knowledge, is essential for holistic direction setting and planning.

Our methods introduce you to constructs such as complex systems and emergence; worldviews and epistemic reflection; uncertainty and scenario planning; insight-based risk (opportunity) assessment and decision-making under uncertainty. We will work with you to collaboratively engage key actors; foster dialogue and mutual learning; facilitate consideration of significant change, its implications for you and the setting of robust direction for the next 5-15 years.  

This encompasses 3 key areas:

1. Aspirations and vision

Assisting your business, department or organisation to:

  • Articulate your aspirations, vision and primary motivation for achieving your goals
  • Consider your history, culture and the drivers and decisions that have brought you to this place
  • Identify your strengths, weaknesses and competencies

2. Risk assessment and strategic planning using scenarios

Formulate potential future operating environments (5-15 year planning horizon) and explore your ability to:

  • Handle major changes in the business, political, technological and social operating environment
  • Prepare for climatic extremes and other types of emergency
  • Identify risks, vulnerability and opportunities
  • Develop robust strategies for highly uncertain operating environments

3. Collaborative engagement of key actor groups

  • Collaboratively engage relevant actor groups (government, business, disciplinary experts and selected on-ground stakeholders) in the scenario planning and risk identification process