Leon Soste

Leon Soste

Leon Soste

Philosophy & values – longer-term planning for regions, health-care, transport etc is characterized by complexity, uncertainty and pluralism. Such problems require the collaborative engagement of key actor groups in issue framing, priority setting, strategy development and implementation planning.  On a more personal level, years of searching for answers to life during the hippie era led me to faith in Jesus.


DipCE (Gipp Inst), BE (Hons) (Monash), MEngSc (Hydrology)

Skills & strengths

I have 10-20 years of experience in:

Engaging the perspectives, knowledge and experience of heterogeneous groups of stakeholders to collaboratively address complex issues.

Facilitating participant development of (a) future operating environments (scenarios) which are beyond prior experience; (b) consideration of likely systemic response to change; (c) identification of risk or opportunity and (d) development of robust adaptation strategies.

Sectors in which I have worked include regional agribusiness, NRM, local government and community flood preparedness.

Leon’s CV


LinkedIn, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, NCCARF Emergency Management Network, APEN, Melbourne Emergence Meetup