Rob Chaffe

Rob Chaffe

Rob Chaffe

Philosophy/Values – Working with the grain gets the best out of natural timber.  Engaging people’s strengths, knowledge and experience gets the best for their community.  Every individual has innate knowledge and experience that has a right to be heard and respected.  Diversity and complexity in plans and action are essential for effective sustainability.  Change is an opportunity provided by a dynamic healthy system.


DDA (Hons), Certificate IV in training and assessment

Skills & strengths

I have 40 years experience in land management (soils)

I am a pioneer in effective facilitation and community engagement.  Recent work has included  facilitation of conferences and major regional  projects (eg Irrigation Futures, Victorian Climate Change Adaption Project), the development of the Effective Communication Took Kit, developing and delivering the training course for community engagement facilitators, and special programs for persons working in the disability sector.

Competent in Open Space Technology, The Technology of Participation (ICA), Non Violent Communication


Australasian-Pacific Extension Network (APEN), Grassland Society of Southern Australia, Open Space Institute Australia, Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA), Victorian Climate Change Adaption Network, Rotary International